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Digital Data Analysis of every single tablet you Prescribed, Investigation advised, treatment advised, type of patient complaints, history etc. You can also see the digital leads sent to lab / Diagnostic Centres and check the Quality of reports by examining your personal data. Along with that, check the Digital Leads sent to chemist and analyse the work efficiency for the comfort of your Patients. This Digital data will prove to be highly beneficial for the further advancements in the field of Health and also for Government to frame Strategies in the larger interest of the Masses, which will be very favourable for every single Person of our Nation.

a Digital Loop between all the Doctor, Patient, Lab & Chemist ! 

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How  are  we  creating  the  American  Healthcare  Ecosystem  in  India ?

USA spend 4.3 Trillion US Dollar in 2022 ( INR 340 Lakhs Crores) on Healthcare Ecosystem, Majorly to keep it Paperless on Computers. This is more than the Total GDP of India.
Here, Medifree replaced their Computers with Mobiles, used them as Mini-Computers & made Indian Healthcare Ecosystem Paperless but at Zero Cost.
Medifree, as a platform, is an Integration & Synchronization among all Doctors, Patients, Labs & Chemists. It is Neutral & Transparent. Watch the Video of Our Vision now to Know More !!

Let us explain few features in short

For your Privacy & Security, Medifree is using one of the most reliable Amazon's Paid Web Server (AWS) and also Giving you 12 MB Space on It for Free.

Writing Prescription on Medifree is Easier than Writing on Paper. You need to Type only once, as whatever you write will be Autosaved in your Individual Master Database for Autosuggestion in Future

For Convenience of Patients, Doctors can Digitally Suggest any Lab and Chemist to the Patient while Writing Prescription.

Medical Record of Patients is accessible 24/7. They can view it anytime, anywhere, on any Smart Phone using their Mobile Number.

During call, Patient's Medical Record will come on Doctor’s mobile screen, who can take relevant history, correlate with reports and send corroborated treatment to Patients. Doctor can also Set their own Consultation Charges. Total Consultation Fee will Depend on Call Duration

Doctors can start working on App anytime. They can easily Mini Register any Unregistered Patients within Seconds and use all features of the App as if he Is fully registered. Patients will receive prescription via SMS and e-mail.

During Pandemics, Doctors write the Same Prescription again and again, but not anymore. On Medifree, Doctors can Pre-Make Templates and send by One Click.

You can See Digital Data of every single Tablet you prescribed, Investigations, variety of Patients, Suggested Labs / Chemist to name a few. It is highly beneficial for Pharma Companies, Government etc. and in the Interest of the Masses

We promised to take care… and delivered

  • Very Beneficial App, It makes my Work more Easier.
    Dr. Rajni Gynaecologist
  • I Like this App a Lot, It is very Convenient and Easy to Use
    Aman Jain
  • This is a great App. I've been using this for a Month now and Can't believe the Changes I Encountered
  • Enjoying new version, Pulse based Paid Consultation on mobile, more talk more pay Awesome!! At the same time, i can see the Medical Record of Pts on my mobile screen.
    Dr. Ankita
  • Hello, I am Ayurveda consultant, For me it is easier to write prescription in my pattern. Shockingly! But Yes, not seen this privilege other than Allopathies on a same platform.
    Dr. Shubhi
  • I suggest, Go Digital as you can also participate in Clinical Trials, which is a very lucrative field now.   it’s my personal experience.
    Dr. Manish
  • Last week, I saw Video "Advantages for Doctors on Medifree" where they say, it's  Untapped Medical Digital Power.   I laughed on them, but today, after a week of use, I believe they are right.
    Dr. R S
  • I am so grateful! Medifree! Your design of auto saving all prescriptions helped me a lot, when one of the patient approached to consumer court. I did not have, even a single Sleepless Night because of your Medico-Legal Safety Net.
    Dr. Swati
  • While doing Digital Analysis of my practice yesterday, I realized that I gave business  approx Rs. 72 lakhs to Pharma Industry in just last 9 months. I don’t agree, the respect received from Med Reps is worth so...
    Dr. Abhishek
  • Last month, I gave Digital Leads of  286 Pts to a good Lab but I found, they are not efficient enough   Out of frustation, I changed the Lab.
    Dr. Jagrati
  • Earlier, I receive many calls from Chemist / Pts for Substitution of Medicines.   But now, I share the name & mobile no. of my Pts to a good, efficient Chemist of my choice.   Convenience for all.
    Dr. Rahul
  • Medifree, u provides equity in Healthcare, equal access, equal treatment and outcomes.   U neither promote nor charge from them.   I think it’s a Neutral platform for all.
    Dr. Nidhi
  • Medifree is applying easy format to write prescriptions & also templates that helps me to  see more no. of pts. in same time.
    Dr. Rajeev
  • Hi buddy, I am on beach enjoying both personal and professional time
    Dr. Piyush Kant
  • Sahihaibhai !! Free platform for all users.
  • Firstly, it provides less time & save my conventional money. Secondly, My medical papers including my family too are saved securely that to be Free!! Must say! Great app.
  • Nice app!! Really good to have this app on my mobile & when i used to call doctor its responded very well & Most importantly during call, only dr. had seen my medical record and provided me good treatment. I am so glad to have this app.
    Er. Arvind Web Developer

When Banking on Mobile is a success … 

Why not Health-Care ?