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What is Medifree ?

Understanding Medifree

For Convenience of Patient, While writing Mobile Prescription, Doctor can Suggest any Lab or Chemist of their Choice to the patient, This way they will get digital Business Leads

If a patient is not Registered on Medifree, Doctor can Easily Mini Register them, and Start Working as if He is Fully Registered. The patient will Receive the prescription via SMS + E-Mail, He can Register Fully on the App later and will have the access of his Medical Record on the App too

During Pandemics / Epidemics, Doctors have to write the Same Prescription again and again, but not anymore. On medifree, Doctor’s can Pre-Make Model Prescriptions/Templates and them by One Click

Any Patient can Consult Any Doctor across India. It is very Convenient for Doctors also to provide Consultation from Anywhere, Anytime. They can set and change Consultation fee Anytime

We care for your Privacy and Security, So, Instead of Free Google Cloud, we are giving you 12 MB Free Space on Amazon’s Paid Web Server for keeping your Medical Record. It is sufficient for Most Patients

No Matter where you go, you will always Carry your medical Record on Medifree, No more need for Unarranged Paper Record & free Yourself from all the Hassles. Also Receive all the further Medical record (from Doctor, Lab & Chemist) Digitally

We developed Medifree with a
Philanthropic Approach

It is Extremely Beneficial for the Indian subcontinent and also has Global Potential

During this Corona Period or Any Pandemic/Epidemic Consult Safely from Your Home and Protect yourself from Hospital Born Diseases

During Physical Visits, Receive Prescriptions directly on your Mobile Phone, without Touching Anything and Keep Yourself and your family Safe

Paid Mobile Call Consultation will Reduce Cost, Time and also conserve valuable Natural Resources

Medical Digital Data will prove to be Extremely Beneficial for the Government, NGOs, Pharma etc. and will help them make strategies in the Larger Interest of the Masses.

A.I. will also be very Beneficial in Filtering out Diseases in a Particular Region & Actions can be Taken thus

All your Medical Records and Data is now saved Digitally on Medifree and it will save you a lot of Paper and Nation’s Resources

For your Safety and Security, We're Using the World's Most Reliable Amazon's Paid Web Server, and giving you 12 MB free Space on it for your Data Storage

Data Transmission in Text and Picture format for your Easy Access, Anytime and from Anywhere 24/7

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Medifree is Beneficial for All !! You can download Medifree for Free on Play Store / IOS App Store & avail all the Features Today. To know more Watch the Videos of ADVANTAGES OF MEDIFREE on the Login Screen of the App it Self or YouTube.