Advantages for Patients

Advantages for Patient

If banking on mobile is a success, then why not health care on mobile

Namaskar !

I am Dr. Peeyush Chatter MBBS, MS (Surgeon), MBA from SMS Medical Collage Jaipur and founder/director of Medifree. 

Let us understand the benefits of having our total health care system on Medifree, like USA – digital and paperless.  

  1. Here instead of writing prescription on paper, doctors will write it on the mobile. Even if you are not registered on our app, doctor here can still make all their work paperless and can send the prescription by SMS which you can download very easily on your own mobile. But to access your Medical Record on App, then you need to download & register.
  2. Medifree, for your privacy and security, is using the worlds most trusted paid server of Amazon (AWS), instead of any free web server.
  3. You can now save your old medical records digitally on the app by clicking a picture and uploading the same. For this Medifree also provides upto 12 MB of free space on Amazon’s paid server (AWS), which is sufficient for most of the patients. 
  4. With Medifree your overall expenses and time will be reduced and it is very convenient to use.
  5. Now your medical record will never be lost.  You can have the access to all your medical records anytime, anywhere with any smartphone, using your Mobile Number and Password, in any part of the world and can consult any doctor online.
  6. Now for the follow-up examination when suffering from high fever or body ache you don’t need to put up with the multiple visits to the doctor, lab and the chemist. With Medifree you will be able to do nearly everything from the comfort of your home.
  7. At your convenience and with your consent while writing the prescriptions, doctors can suggest any good diagnostic center, lab and chemists, who can then directly contact you and may provide some services like cash discount, collection of blood sample from your home, priority appointments or home delivery of the medicine required etc. . This facility will save you a lot of time, money and is very convenient too.
    You can also choose any lab and chemist of your choice, for the required services.  
  8. Lab staff can easily take pictures of all your investigated reports and save it on your records (digitally) and can send the same to you. But the doctor cannot see these records without your consent.  This would save your time by eliminating your visit to the lab to collect your reports.And if you want you can always collect your reports from the lab and see your doctor like before.
  9. You can also take consultation with any app registered doctor (anywhere in India) via paid mobile call. The rates of these calls are set by the doctors themselves. During this paid mobile call, your uploaded medical record will automatically come on the mobile screen of your doctor and they can ask you the related relevant question. This way the doctor can correlate the clinical picture with the reports and give a proper, ideal treatment. 
  10. Now for a second opinion you don’t have to go to big cities. Even if you live in a small town or a village you can now consult any doctor online.
  11. It would also eliminate the chances of wrong delivery of Medicines.
  12. Digital Medical Data via Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) would prove to be very helpful in diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, TB and other common diseases. 
  13. Everyday around 1.5 crore patients go and visit a doctor, lab or a chemist. But with Medifree most of these services can be provided at the comfort of your home. This would help our country with the road traffic, parking issues and would save our time and petrol. Also, would save you from Hospital Acquired Infectious Diseases. 

Today we strongly believe that the power of digital data is Facebook and now, we all must feel and enjoy the power of Medical Digital data on Medifree.

So, we welcome you all on this new journey where our health-care services, like America will become digital and paperless.

Thank you! 

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