Working of Lab

Working of Lab

If banking on mobile is a success, then why not health care on mobile

Namaskar !

I am Dr. Peeyush Chatter MBBS, MS (Surgeon), MBA from SMS Medical Collage Jaipur and founder/director of Medifree.

Now, like USA, with a digitised and paperless health care system in India on Medifree, Labs and Diagnostic Centres can easily expand their business and increase their incomes.

Let us understand.

  1. With the consent of the patient, doctors can Suggest any Lab or Diagnostic Centre of their choice to the Patient, while Writing Prescription. As soon as the doctor sends this Mobile Prescription, the Suggested lab and diagnostic centre will receive the Name and the Mobile Number of the patient and the patient shall receive the Name and Mobile Number of the suggested Lab.    
  2. With this digital lead, the Lab and the Diagnostic centre can immediately contact the patient via mobile and to generate more business, can also offer free services such as blood collection from home, priority and convenient appointment, cash discount etc.
  3. Now, it is not necessary to have your Lab and Diagnostic Centre at a prime location or near a hospital. You first need to meet and convince the doctors of your city to suggest your Lab and Diagnostic Centre to their patients. And to convince your doctor, you can tell them about your work efficiency, quality and policies and also tell them about premium services that you can offer to the patients.With these new digital leads generated by the doctor you can easily expand your business.

Registration on Medifree is free for all. Also, Medifree does not charge anything for any of the integrated services provided by the app. It is absolutely free for you. Please Note: All and every payment (like before) shall be received by the lab and Diagnostic Centre themselves.

Medifree is beneficial to you from all three perspective i.e., money, time and conveniences.

Today, we strongly believe that the power of digital data is Facebook and now, we all must feel and enjoy the power of Medical Digital data on Medifree.

Watch the Video of Working of Lab, to know more !

Thank You!

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