Advantages for Doctor

Advantages for Doctor

Dear Professional Colleagues,

I am Dr. Peeyush Chatter MBBS, MS (Surgeon), MBA from SMS Medical College, Jaipur and Founder/Director of Medifree.

We all know that the power of digital data is Facebook and now, with our platform you can tap the untapped power of Digital Medical Data and can increase your income. Sounds unbelievable, let us understand:

  1. A new ethical source of income is developed. Now any free call made by the patient, on our platform, shall become Pulse Based(1 Pulse = 15 second), Paid Mobile Consultation calls. Here every doctor will be deciding their own mobile consultation charges or fee for each pulse. These calls would only be connected to the doctor when the patient pays in advance.
    During this paid mobile call, the complete record of the patient shall be visible on your Mobile Screen and you can take relevant history for the treatment of the patient. And this way you can correlate the clinical picture with the investigation reports and give a Corroborated Ideal Treatment to your patient. This facility will be convenient to both you and the patient. 
  2. Now you can check at what period of time, what tablet or medication were prescribed to how many patients and check their relevant results. Moreover, you will also have digital data of various investigation which you prescribed, variety of complains, history, findings, provisional diagnosis etc. You can surely imagine; how useful this digital data will be for Pharmaceutical companies and mankind all across the globe.
  3. While writing E-Prescription and after taking an explicit consent of the patients, you can share their Name and Mobile Number with any chemist of your choice. To gain business and for convenience of patient, this chemist may call the patient and offer free services like home delivery of medicines, discounts etc. This facility will be very convenient for the patients.
  4. When you suggest a good lab to your patient, then only a few patients would go to the suggested lab. Sometimes some of the patient may take a wrong meaning out of this. But now while writing E-prescription, you can take explicit consent from patient and share their Name and Mobile Number with any Lab and Diagnostic centre of your choice.
  5. To gain business and convenience of these patients, these Diagnostic centres and Labs may call the patient and offer free services like discounts, facility to collect blood sample from home, priority convenient appointment etc.
  6. These Labs and Diagnostic centres can easily upload these reports for the patient by taking pictures of the reports on the app. But you can only view these reports after the consent from your patient.
    This facility will be convenient to both patient and the lab.
  7. If you are on a vacation or in a market, you can provide Pulse Based, Paid Mobile Consultation to your patients, However at your convenience only. 
  8. By digital data analysis you can easily identify your core strengths and expand your practice. You can participate in Clinical Trials, conducted by various pharmaceutical companies. 
  9. At the time of chronic diseases or epidemics, as a doctor you might have to write similar prescription again and again. But now at Medifree you can easily pre-make these model prescriptions or templates and send it to your patients with just one click. 
  10. All your E-Prescription will always be saved. It is Medico Legal Safety net for you.
  11. Analysis of Patient’s Medical Record in digital form is highly convenient and more informative than unorganised medical records on paper.
  12. With digital data you can send festival greetings to your patients on social media and also share your technical expertise and achievements with them.

Let us understand some special features of Medifree:

  1. Working with this platform, your income shall increase substantially and reduce the overall expenses of the patients.
  2. Any and all consultation fee and charges shall be taken by the doctors themselves. 
  3. Writing prescription on Medifree mobile app is easier than writing on paper. You only need to write once.
  4. Start working on Medifree today and send prescription to your patients from Medifree via SMS and E-Mail, even if they are not registered on the app.
  5. You can check the summary of your digital record on your mobile and your digital data analysis by logging in on our website. Here your ID is your mobile number and password is same as your app password.

Please Note: Medifree is Free for all Users, not Charging Anything from Anyone. However Doctor, Lab & Chemist will continue to work independently & will take their Fee/Charges as before

So, register today to feel and enjoy the Power of Medical Digital Data.

Thank you very much! 


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