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How are we Creating Paperless Healthcare in India Like USA but at Zero Cost ?

USA spent 4.3 Trillion USD (INR 330 Lakh Crores) in 2021 on Healthcare Ecosystem, Majorly to keep it Paperless on Computers. This is more than the Total GDP of India.
Here, Keeping in mind the Ground Realities of our Country, Medifree replaced their Computers with Mobiles & aims to make Indian Healthcare Ecosystem Paperless at Zero Cost. Medifree is a new path towards Digitisation of healthcare Services along with integration & synchronisation among all users, Viz. Doctors, patients, Labs & Chemists.

” If banking….

“If banking on Mobile is a Success, why not Healthcare on Mobile.” This is the basis of Medifree. When in 2020, with the rapid growth in the number of Smartphone users in Indian Household, we thought that Why can’t our Medical Profession be brought onto a Smartphone. With this Vision in Mind, we progressed on this Path & developed the Medifree Mobile App. Medifree aims to Digitise the whole Medical Profession, at Zero Cost. In this Era of Digitisation, We must Understand the vast Advantages of the Power of Medical Digital Data.

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Medifree is Beneficial for All !! You can download Medifree for Free on Play Store / IOS App Store & avail all the Features Today. To know more Watch the Videos of ADVANTAGES OF MEDIFREE on the Login Screen of the App it Self or YouTube.