Our Vision

Our Vision

Now just like America our country’s health facilities will become digital and paperless and that too at zero cost (free). 

Sounds unbelievable right! So, let’s come and understand it together.

Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Peeyush Chatter MBBS, MS {Surgeon}, MBA from SMS Medical College Jaipur and founder/director of Medifree. Long back when I was in America, I saw that all their medical facilities were digitised on a computer network and was all paperless. Since then, I have been thinking if it’s possible in our country too?

But the cost of having a paperless medical system in India was too much. Even in 2019 America spent more on their health-care system (approx. 3.18 trillion US dollar) i.e., Rs. 270 lakh crores, then the total GDP of India. Where the major part was used to make this ecosystem paperless by using a computer network. 

But now Medifree has made it all possible at zero cost and now India will be called Digital Medical India. 

We at Medifree would like to welcome you all to our Made in India – MEDIFREE MOBILE APP, where we are moving forward with a new vision and direction for India.

If Banking on mobile is a success, then why not Health care on mobile? We have developed this platform by replacing computers with mobile. With Medifree we have integrated and synchronised all the health services users i.e., the Doctors, Patients, Labs and the Chemists. And with this like America, we have made the Indian Health Care System paperless at zero cost.

Please note, Medifree is the only platform, where every user works independently but in an integrated manner. 

Let’s discuses some features of Medifree,

  1. Medifree is easy to use and for your privacy and security we are using the worlds most trusted Paid server of Amazon and yet the services provided by the app are free for all the patients and we also provide upto 12 MB of free space to store your medical record.
  2. At Medifree, Doctors will write the patient prescription on their mobile itself, which is way more convenient than writing on paper. Here the prescription is sent via all 3 modalities: App to App message, Email and SMS to the patients mobile. 
  3. Medifree is a self-explanatory and easy to use platform. Using our aap will reduce the overall expenses of the patients but will increase the income for the doctors substantially. And the labs and chemists will be benefited by the generation of new digital leads. 

Here, doctors, labs, chemists and other service providers, like before: will keep their own payments.  


  1. Medifree app is highly beneficial for all its users. it’s convenient to use and saves a lot of money and time. To get a better understanding you can watch our ‘Advantages of Medifree’ videos on YouTube or download Medifree and watch them on login screen itself, even before Registration.

Today we strongly believe that the power of digital data is Facebook and now, we all must feel and enjoy the power of Medical Digital data on Medifree. If you are healthy, a current patient, have been a patient before or are health service provider you can now download Medifree Mobile App for free from IOS app store / Google play store and register. 

Let us all come together and fulfil our dream of making India a Digital Medical India.

Thank you very much!

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Medifree is Beneficial for All !! You can download Medifree for Free on Play Store / IOS App Store & avail all the Features Today. To know more Watch the Videos of ADVANTAGES OF MEDIFREE on the Login Screen of the App it Self or YouTube.