Working of Patients

Working of Patient

“Power of Digital Data is Facebook, but now feel and Enjoy the Power of Medical Digital Data at Medifree”

Now, Lets See what our CEO has to Say,

Namaskar ! 

World’s most advanced medical & healthcare services of USA are completely paperless, digitised & integrated on a computer based platform. USA spent 3.81 Trillion U.S. Dollars (2019) on healthcare, majorly to keep it paperless on computers. This is more than the total GDP of India and when converted to INR it comes to somewhere around 270 Lakh Crore !

So, in short, USA’s health expenditure is more than the total GDP of India, 

But now, Welcome to Medifree !

We developed Medifree Mobile App, which is a new path, with lateral thinking. Medifree is a PAPERLESS HEALTHCARE PLATFORM, IN INDIA, LIKE USA, but at ZERO COST.

Yes, you heard that right, Medifree is indeed the digitisation, integration & synchronisation among all the users, viz. doctors, patients, labs & chemists, ON PATTERN OF USA. 

Watch the video of “Our Vision” to know more today.

Medifree App is easy to use & self explanatory.

Even if you’re not registered on Medifree, the Doctor can mini-register you easily. Doctor writes prescription on mobile and send you via three modalities: 

  • Registered patients via – SMS + E-mail + App Message
  • Unregistered patients via – SMS + E-mail

But, register later on, to access your medical record on Medifree.

For your convenience and after your consent, the Doctor can suggest you any good Lab and Chemist in prescription. Your name and mobile no. will be shared with them and Vice versa, This way they can offer you some voluntary free services to gain business. 

In the prescription, click on “Forward to Lab / Chemist Suggested by Doctor”. or else, you can also forward it to Lab / Chemist of your choice.

Unregistered Patients can also forward this prescription to suggested Lab / Chemist via SMS and use services in a slightly different manner.

After the Investigation reports are ready, the Lab Staff will upload it on Medifree by taking picture in the app. When they are uploaded, you will receive an alert message and it will become a part of your Medical Record.

Now, you need not visit the Doctor Again, you can Simply consult him online and he can see your Investigation Reports and Medical Record. You can consult any doctor across India directly and also show your Medical Record online. On Medifree, 1 pulse = 15 Seconds, and you can also see the consultation fee of the doctor for every Pulse. Before calling, you must deposit minimum fees of 10 pulses of that Doctor, i.e. 2 and a half minutes consultation. 

Now, during Call, your complete Medical Record will come on Doctor’s mobile screen, and then he can ask relevant history from you, correlate and write you a new Mobile Prescription.

All this digitisation, is very Convenient for you.

The doctor can also write paper prescription anytime and you can simply take its picture on the App and it will become a part of your Digital Medical Record.

Medifree is Beneficial for all, watch Videos of Advantages of Medifree, to Know More !

Thank You !

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Medifree is Beneficial for All !! You can download Medifree for Free on Play Store / IOS App Store & avail all the Features Today. To know more Watch the Videos of ADVANTAGES OF MEDIFREE on the Login Screen of the App it Self or YouTube.